Community Guidelines

Introduction 👋

NGL is the place to play q&a games with your followers - here, you can connect with your friends online without any of the stresses of modern social media. We believe NGL should provide a fun yet safe place to connect with your real-world friends without having to worry about filters and fakeness. In the current realm of social media, people don’t have a space to truly connect and have fun without numbers games or societal pressures. NGL provides this safe space for our community.

To protect that safe space for our NGL community, we've set up some guidelines for your safety. Make sure to read our full Terms of Service and Privacy Policy in addition to these guidelines, as they are a summary and not meant to supplant our full terms.

How should I use NGL? ✅


When you create an account on NGL, make sure to provide information that is complete, accurate, and current! In order to provide the optimal app experience for you and the NGL community, we need you to be honest and authentic with us while using the app. Plus, providing inaccurate information is in violation of our Terms of Service, so make sure to be real and be authentic while using NGL!

When using NGL, be sure to be you! Providing an inaccurate social media username may yield a faulty link for you and worsen your user experience. We won’t ever ask for your password or any other private information, so you and your username are safe at NGL. Check out our Privacy Policy for more information on this!

Have fun
NGL was created to more deeply connect real-world friends in the digital space using the power and fun of q&a. Make sure to use this power to have fun and strengthen your friendships, while also protecting the NGL community around you. Your own fun doesn’t have to be at the sake of anyone else’s!

So what’s not allowed on NGL? ❌
In order to keep the NGL community safe, there are some forms of content that are not allowed on our platform, such as:

Bullying, Harassment, Bigotry, Violence, or Threats
Bullying and Harassment:
• Don't post anything that could be viewed as bullying, abuse, defamation, harassment, stalking, or targeted hate towards other users.
• Don't spread gossip or harmful rumors that have no truth without referencing these as such.
• Avoid the use of hurtful or derogatory names or terms towards those who may be offended by such.

• Don’t use hate speech or discriminate based on race, age, ethnicity, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation or disability.
• Don't use unnecessary stereotypes or make insensitive jokes based on race, age, ethnicity, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation or disability.
• Don’t make anyone feel unwelcome in the NGL community.

• Don’t threaten or foretell violence towards others.
• Don’t promote or encourage suicide, self-injury, eating disorders, or any other kind of harmful ideology towards others.
• Don’t promote or aim any kind of physical violence towards yourself or others.
• Don’t share information or strategies that would assist in the execution of harmful events towards others.
• Don’t share overly graphic depictions of violence.

• Don’t make any kind of threat, whether direct, veiled, or vague, towards any other user.
• Don’t make cybersecurity threats arousing concern in other users.
• Don’t promote, threaten, detail, or publicize cruelty to animals.
• Don’t use NGL to promote, engage in, recruit, or spread terrorism or violent extremism.
• Don’t make death threats towards anyone, including yourself, on NGL.

Spam, Trolling, Misinformation, or Promotion
• Don’t submit the same content multiple times.
• Don’t flood a user’s inbox unnecessarily.

• Don’t use NGL solely as a means to instigate conflict, create hostility, or begin arguments.
• Don’t post with the objective of misleading, embarrassing, or arguing with others.

• Don’t use NGL to impede or obstruct justice.
• Don’t use NGL to obstruct participation in an election or any other kind of civic responsibility.
• Don’t use NGL to confuse or deceive others regarding elections or other political procedures.
• Don’t impersonate another person to mislead or confuse others, or to promote or threaten violence.
• Don’t knowingly share fake news or falsehoods.

• Don't share unauthorized promotional material, 'junk mail', 'chain letters', 'pyramid schemes', or any form of solicitation with personal or commercial intent for revenue or brand growth.
• Don't promote or attempt to raise funds for violent organizations, hate groups, illegal goods and services, or any unauthorized or criminal group.
• Don't excessively promote your own or other personal or commercial social media accounts, businesses, or organizations.
• Don’t claim to have a relationship with NGL or that NGL endorses you or your products or services.

Sexual Content
Sexual Harassment:
• Don’t promote or describe any sexual acts without explicit consent.
• Don’t threaten other users with the publishing of sexual content, either as a means of coercion or blackmail or in any other manner.
• Don’t lie about, dox, defame, or damage anyone using sexual content or information about their sexual history or behavior.
• Don’t promote, encourage, or participate in sexual violence.

Soliciting Sex:
• Don’t pressure anyone to engage in sexual behavior.
• Don’t ask for or offer sexual behaviors, and don’t expect compensation or reciprocation for any inappropriate requests.
• Don’t share or seek contact information in the sole pursuit of sexual endeavors.

Sexualization of Minors:
• Don’t engage in sexual conversations or activity with minors on NGL, or any such behavior or conversation that may be construed inappropriately.
• Don’t use NGL for any posting, sharing, or discussing content of sexual nature involving children.

What if I see someone violate these guidelines? ⚠️

Our state-of-the-art AI Moderation should filter out most content in violation of these guidelines, but unfortunately, messages may slip through from time to time. Here are some steps you can take if you see a message in violation of our Community Guidelines:

Report it:
You can always hit the Report button in our app in order to report a message for Bullying or Harassment, Spam, or because you just don’t like it. If you believe that a message needs immediate attention from our Support team, email us at [email protected].

Block the sender:
If you’re experiencing repeated harassment on NGL, blocking the sender will prevent the user from reaching your inbox going forward.

Get help:
Sometimes, words can hurt just as much as sticks and stones! If you’re experiencing turmoil as a result of your NGL experience, please reach out to a trained mental health professional to seek help. If you are in search of resources, our guide to Staying safe on NGL lists various organizations that are ready and willing to help you.

Any messages that are deemed to be in violation of these Community Guidelines may be removed at our discretion at any time. Users in violation of any guideline may be banned from using NGL, especially for repeat offenses or particularly heinous violations. Any illegal or criminal activity observed by the NGL team may be reported to the correct authorities, along with any known information about the offending user. Our Community Guidelines may be updated to reflect new policies at any point in time, and all new updates are effective immediately upon publication.

Ultimately, we believe NGL should be a fun and safe space to connect with your friends authentically, without the pressures and inauthenticity of social media. But using NGL also comes with responsibility, so please be respectful and always remember to treat others how you wish to be treated.

With ❤️ from Team NGL